Not without it. Mary Skorchenko 26.10.2016

We all love beautiful naked bodies. Not without it.

Sometimes, though, we keep it a secret. Not without it.

«Not without it» will tell you some secrets and will show beautiful naked bodies. Finally, COOM t-shirt is what’s left on our hero. Not without it.

This time twerk teacher, Mary Skorchenko, was in COOM t-shirt. Only in COOM t-shirt.

You know, I understood that the law of gravity worked during my school days. I was crazy for the handsome Physics teacher. So it goes.


As a child, I did not believe in Santa Claus but I have been pretending  for years not to upset my mom. Sorry, mom.

It’s hard to believe but I am very shy person. I am so shy that I asked guys from COOM to think up one secret. You see, I am shy, but  honest.

Mary wears 09W, 04B, 04W07.1B  and  male 08B.

Photography Dima Romas at Loft31.