Not without it. Genia Havrylko 29.11.2016

We all love beautiful naked bodies. Not without it.

Sometimes, though, we keep it a secret. Not without it.

«Not without it» will tell you some secrets and will show beautiful naked bodies. Finally, COOM t-shirt is what’s left on our hero. Not without it.

This time PR and brand consultant, Genia Havrylko, was in COOM t-shirt. Only in COOM t-shirt.

I have a dog. More precisely, I had a dog. A small ball of white fur named Selfie now lives with my mom. There it feels, you know, better. Up to this point I told everyone that it is still my dog, but I think it’s time to tell the truth: we do not live together anymore.

In fact, I’m fat.

I do not remember you. On my third university year something went wrong with my memory and since then to  remember someone’s name, I have to put very much effort. I try to be honest and to do my best.

Genia wears 08W, 07.1 and longsleeve 09B.

Photography Dima Romas at BOtaN.