Not without it. Ann Laricheva 03.10.2016

We all love beautiful naked bodies. Not without it.

Sometimes, though, we keep it a secret. Not without it.

«Not without it» will tell you some secrets and will show beautiful naked bodies. Finally, COOM t-shirt is what’s left on our hero. Not without it.

This time copywriter, Ann Laricheva, was in COOM t-shirt. Only in COOM t-shirt.

At first sight, I’m pretty confident person, especially to new acquaintances, but I do not like my nose. Of course, I will not get rid of it or change it, but one of the criteria for the man of my dreams is certain adoration of my nose.

– Oh, my God, this is the most beautiful nose that I have seen in my life!

– Oh, come on.

That’s the way it should be.


I am not so good at tables, and it’s difficult to me to do a mental tally. Well, who can do that? Algebra, geometry, obviously, that all is from Satan.

Once a young man invited me for a date to some Parisien art exhibition. I have googled some unusual facts about each artist and while walking through the halls with pictures I have put it to good use. Honestly, I only once made it. I hope he does not read this.

Ann wears 04W, 04B and 07B.


Photography Dima Romas at Loft31.